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The BBQ Trattoria Barbecue in Oltrarno in Florence, is a real corner of the countryside in the splendid setting of Piazza San Frediano.

The fire crackling. The smell of wood-smoke mixed with burning embers. The fresh country air and laughter of children playing happily. Now close your eyes and imagine that just over there is the uncontaminated countryside, the animals are grazing, the smell of hay and dew fills the air, a tractor leads its flock... And now, imagine a quick stop to fill your stomach and have a good glass of wine. Feeling at home has never been easier. Imagine the countryside and good company. This is BBQ. A corner of the countryside directly in the centre of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Tuscan Cooking


BBQ is the place where traditional cuisine and raw materials come together. Where good oil meets fresh vegetables, where the cockerel is grilled under a brick, Tuscan bread marries tomato and onion perfectly and where the Florentine steak, strictly rare, meets roast potatoes. But not just any potatoes, the ones that taste just like that old recipe that you have at grandma's.

Your Tuscan grandma is waiting for you with her apron on and she'll say: "Oh nini (affectionate Tuscan term for someone) How you've lost weight!" Cheese, salami, bruschetta. Pici, paccheri, spaghetti. Ossobuco, tartare, meatballs. Salads, beans and zucchini. Ice cream, biscotti and vinsanto and chocolate salami. We guarantee that after a meal at BBQ, not even your grandmother can tell you that you have lost weight!



Prendi un piatto vuoto. E ora disegna con gli occhi quello che vorresti mangiare. Immagina il profumo, assapora il gusto, fai che le papille gustative entrino in funzione ancora prima che possa chiudere e riaprire gli occhi.

Ora basta… perché mai e poi mai potrai immaginare cosa vuol dire assaporare una braciola di manzo rifatta alla pizzaiola, un pacchero appena spadelòato con pomodoro e stracciatella o un croccante pollo al mattone ancora caldo. BBQ non lascia che le cose si possano immaginare. Non ce n’è alcun bisogno.

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