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Trattoria BBQ

Trattoria BBQ is a typical trattoria in the true sense of the word.

A place where the host welcomes you into what is like his home. He prepares dishes for you and serves you as a real guest in a family environment. He brings you water, wine and everything you want. Makes you feel at home, without too much fuss. As though you were part of the family. One thing is certain. You won't leave unsatisfied!

A dinner among


When there's wine, then there are friends. In vino veritas but also 'in food veritas'. A quick lunch to meet a friend that you haven't seen for a long time. A dinner for sharing crostoni so you can try this one and that one, and even that other one that sounds so good. Dinners with friends are those made by good food and chatting.

The ones where you confide and gossip over a plate of spaghetti with bottarga. The ones where you feel like something easy, some cold cuts and cheeses served on a chopping board while you talk about football. And if by chance you are there to clear the air after a fight, if your relationship is over or if you need to let off steam, remember that ham, coccoli and squacquerone soft cheese will never let you down.

Tagliere del BBQ
A Special


"She's going to fire me, she's definitely going to fire me. And with the excuse of taking me out to lunch! " “Who knows what he'll think of me if I take him to that place " "It will all go wrong if I don't take her out for dinner on the first date" "I have to do something quick, convince her that she can trust me and take her home” Don't always ask yourself what will happen. Maybe as you're sitting outside at one of the wooden tables, among lots of people,

suddenly you meet the gaze of the most beautiful woman in the world sitting across from you, licking her chops after an incredible meatball in tomato sauce. Or maybe while you are sitting in front of your boss, who has just been poured a glass of house wine, he hands you an offer for a promotion, and orders a glass for you, too. Our tables have stories to tell. You have no idea how many ... if only they could talk.